Your Own Database of Candidates

The data of candidates applying for job offers posted by you
is simultaneously collected in your database,
which you can use in future recruitment processes.

HeadHunter is both an advanced tool designed to handle comprehensive recruitment processes at your company and your own database of candidates. Please take a moment to learn of its assets and features.

We designed HeadHunter for companies under constant development, which on a daily basis deal with a large number of recruitment processes and candidates applying for job offers.

First of all, it is its flexibility and security. When implementing HeadHunter at your company environment we may adjust and integrate it to work seamlessly with other systems and your website. In addition, all data is stored only in your company.

Increase your productivity and improve recruitment processes at your company!

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Main Features and Functionalities

With collecting the data of candidates applying for the job offers you posted, you are building your own database of candidates, which you can use for future recruitment projects. HeadHunter simultaneously archives the information on all recruitment processes and candidates participating in them. You may retrieve them any time you need.

Let’s imagine you seek Java Developer with fluent French, who completed a post-graduate course, is based in Warsaw, rides a motorcycle and likes Pink Floyd… Advanced search criteria, including full-text search of the attached documents, will allow you to find such persons in no time and include them in the recruitment process.

In the case of candidates applying for many positions, HeadHunter provides you with the information on their status in all projects. Based on that information you are able to make decisions concerning whether to contact a given candidate or not. You are empowered with the full information on their statuses and evaluations in other projects or financial expectations at similar positions.

We will integrate HeadHunter with the “Career” page on your website. All applications sent by means of the dedicated application forms will directly enter the system. We will also make effort to automate the process of how job advertisements are posted on portals. In the next stage, you will learn which of those sources proved most effective.

When posting job advertisements in career services or job fairs, you will be able to monitor on an-going basis which of those sources proved most effective, not only in terms of the number of candidates but also in terms of their suitability for the vacancy. Consequently, you will be able to reduce costs by using only the most effective sources.

From the outset, HeadHunter has been the major recruitment system used by Advisory Group TEST Human Resources, whose team consists of experts with over 20 years of experience in HR. Many years of close collaboration with TEST’s professionals on the software functionalities guarantees that our application will meet the requirements of most demanding recruitment businesses.

Data Security, Productivity and Flexibility

As opposed to other solutions available on the market, the entire system, including all data contained therein, is installed exclusively inside your company, and no unauthorised people from outside may access it. The connection between the application and the server is secured by SSL which ensures the highest level of security for data transfer.

Our system complies with the Personal Data Protection Act and GIODO guidelines as regards data processing. Unlike other recruitment systems, HeadHunter does not operate as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), which means that as a Personal Data Administrator you do not need to authorise other entities to process personal data.

In the process of creating HeadHunter, we aimed to achieve high productivity when handling extensive data.
Thousands of recruitment processes, hundreds of thousands of candidates and applications, and hundreds of thousands of documents connected with candidates (CV, cover letters, reports, test results etc.)
None of the above poses a problem.

If you do not have IT resources at your disposal or if your company places all solutions on cloud, it is possible to run the entire HeadHunter environment based on Microsoft Azure cloud. If you have decided to implement HeadHunter in your company (on-premise), it is likely you will not need to purchase any additional licenses.

Following the implementation of HeadHunter at your company, you may freely exchange data between our recruitment system and other applications. HeadHunter stores all data in the Microsoft SQL Server database which makes it possible to integrate our software with other applications. Example: obtaining information on vacancies from other systems or sending information regarding employment to HR department.

If some features are not available in standard version of our recruitment software, we may work out the best possible solution and implement it upon your acceptance, thereby offering unrivalled flexibility to our customers. If you have your own team of software developers, and you feel like it, the application may be developed at your company.

Build your own database of candidates and improve recruitment process at your company!

Use the proven and unique solution.

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HeadHunter is a software solution addressed to companies, for which efficient and fast recruitment is a vital point of their business model. By means of this advanced tool, you may smoothly handle thousands of applications in up to several hundred recruitment processes conducted simultaneously. Its precision rules out recruitment mistakes, typical to other systems available on the market.
Security and confidentiality of data is our top priority.

HeadHunter is a very efficient tool for managing projects, and what is even more important, for managing the information on candidates. The use is really effortless. Deploying a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, the application allows you to track the entire history of candidate’s statuses in particular projects. Head Hunter provides a full range of complex features, which substantially enhance project management.

HeadHunter is a system ensuring efficient management of job applications. Thanks to its functionalities, you are able to organise and accelerate the process of searching and selecting relevant job applications, and consequently employing best applicants. Head Hunter is also used to manage information about candidates and recruitment processes carried out by the company – it allows you to collect in one place the CVs of applicants, who apply for a job offer posted on the website, along with the CVs of candidates you find in the database on your own. Having been working with HeadHunter for several years now, I find it a user-friendly, straightforward and intuitive tool that facilitates every-day work.

I’ve been working with a few recruitment applications, including systems developed by leading global suppliers, and I still find HeadHunter to be the best of them all. Head Hunter’s features address the needs of every recruiter making him or her able to effectively manage all recruitment projects and job applications. The tool is clear, well-organised and extremely user-friendly, thus ensuring accurate selection of applications. HeadHunter is equipped with an exceptional search engine, which unfortunately is not available in other tools on the market.

HeadHunter is a recruitment software ingenious in its simplicity. One of its major assets is the feature which allows users to quickly search candidates based on selected criteria and key words. The system works really fast (smoothly processing as many as over 200 thousand records!) and is a great solution for companies, which carry out several hundred or even more than one thousand recruitment projects a year. In addition, the application offers a very helpful feature – posting job advertisements simultaneously on many different websites.

HeadHunter is a perfect offering for the companies which value cutting edge solutions for recruitment, quick and easy access to data and proper arrangement of documents. This system is the most comprehensive and functional tool for managing recruitment processes I’ve come across so far. It substantially facilitates and accelerates my work, allowing me to precisely coordinate and control the recruitment process at all stages. I find it an irreplaceable tool for every-day work as it provides me with an easy access to the abundance of information. Since efficient recruitment relies on a solid database of CVs, I highly recommend HeadHunter to any recruitment business handling a large number of processes.

I’ve had an opportunity to use HeadHunter for several years and I must admit since then I haven’t encountered any application that would support the recruiters’ work so well.
The tool is based on a clear and intuitive principle of managing applications. You may easily track the recruitment process relating to particular positions, along with the history and status of each and every candidate. Needless to say, an easy access to this information is a key to effective recruitment processes.

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About Us

See who we are and who created HeadHunter

Piotr Głowaty

Product Manager

From the very beginning responsible for the main features of the entire system. For 12 years has been working with TEST. Has many years of experience in carrying out HR projects supported with dedicated IT tools.


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Grzegorz Głowaty

Server-side Developer

The main developer of the original source code for the application server-side. Java Software Developer with long experience in J2EE. In 2005-2008 worked as Software Engineer and Software Architect at IBM. Since 2008 has been working for Google.

Currently not involved in the project.

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Michał Tkacz

UI Developer

The main developer of original application client based on Eclipse RCP. Experienced Java Software Developer. Expert in creating all kinds of user interfaces.
Since 2012 has been working for Google.

Currently not involved in the project.

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Paweł Witek

UI/Server-side Developer

Java Software Developer with long experience in J2EE and Eclipse RCP. For several years involved in developing server-side and client application. Working as Java Software Developer at FanDuel and based in Great Britain.

Currently not involved in the project.

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